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About Us

At Stratford Financial Planning

Our goal is to assist you in creating and growing of your financial wealth and personal wellbeing through with respect and understanding.

We strive to educate and empower you by applying the most effective strategies and techniques best suited to you.

Our clients are individuals, families, and small business owners—people with real goals or concerns who recognize the value of getting professional advice and support.

We provide the expertise to help you articulate and document your intentions so that your needs and objectives are clearly understood and adequately assessed before a financial strategy is developed and recommended. 

We are here to support and assist you through real-life financial concerns by providing reliable financial solutions. We work to guide you closer to your hopes and dreams by implementing an actionable financial plan customized with achievable recommendations and strategies. 

We are here to help you and your family establish and maintain a financial balance.

Fee-based Financial Planners who are passionate and committed to superioribus signis, the highest standards

Our firm has extensive experience in financial planning, investment management and personal tax preparation 

As a service-oriented business, we work to eliminate commission-based products unless there is no alternative

Who We Are

We invite you to ask us questions and to discuss your ideas or situation with us. Once we have sorted the details and agreed on the potential next steps, we will then regroup and review your options or available solutions. When you are ready, we will move forward together. 

Differentiating ourselves has not always been easy, as there are many excellent firms and advisors in Canada. What sets us apart is our ability to communicate and coach the steps needed to complete action plans and resolving issues or concerns as they arise without hesitation with professionalism and skill. 

We strive to better understand your current relationship with money by listening to you talk about your experiences, both good and bad. We then will follow data-tested processes to ensure we provide you with the support you deserve. 

We provide the information you need to make a reasonable choice and tailor a selection of strategies to choose from, all to help you make an informed decision.

Stratford Financial Planning Inc. is an independent firm and strives to remain unbiased when serving the interests of our clients.

We have two fantastic partners, Peak Securities Inc. is one of Canada’s top independent investment firms, and IDC-WIN is Canada’s best Managing Insurance Agencies. Together, with our partners, our clients gain access to a wide array of eligible investment carriers and insurance companies available in their province, thereby strengthening our firm commitment to offering unbiased and independent services. 

Financial products may be purchased almost everywhere. But at Stratford Financial Planning Inc., we know that satisfaction comes from implementing and completing strategies designed to produce a positive outcome. This approach stands opposed to the constant, circular discussions that banks, large financial corporations, brokers and agents use to lead you towards the purchase of a product that may, in many cases, actually delay the achievement of your personal life goals.

Our Team

Investment Advisor | Peak Securities Inc.
Financial Planner | Stratford Financial Planning Inc.

Shaun J Smith CFP, CIM

With more than 22 years of experience in the financial industry, Shaun started his career with one of Canada’s largest trust companies. Shortly after joining the firm, he moved into an advisory position in wealth management. He began professionally advising company clients until he left to begin his private financial planning practice in 2005.

Today, Shaun is committed to helping people articulate and document their financial objectives and life goals. He understands that gaining a clear impression of what matters to you and your family is essential before any financial strategy can be identified and recommended. Shaun supports individuals and families in two main ways: first, by assisting people with real-life financial concerns; and second, by providing financial expertise to those who wish to gain insight on how best to achieve a new or existing lifelong dream.

Would you like to know more? Review Shaun’s responses to FP Canada’s questionnaire:

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Over the years, we have found that our clients come to us for many different reasons. Some look for answers to concerns they wish to work out on their own, while others look for independent advice and an ongoing relationship they can depend on.

So, to deliver on our promise, we offer both free and fee-for-service financial planning and advice services, and fee-based wealth management services. The recommended approach will depend on the complexity of your situation.

Our free services are available to all new and existing clients who are looking for a dependable, ongoing advisor/client relationship. Our clients know they can count on us for any number of specific needs regardless of one’s stage in life. Through this service, all clients continue to receive unbiased financial solutions and monitoring services. 

Our fee-for-service or second opinion comprehensive services are designed for individuals or businesses in need of answers to their concerns or big ideas. Together we explore a wide range of opportunities or sort through challenges that relate to your financial situation.

Our plans encompass an overview, evaluation, an outline of the best specific recommendations and plans of action for all areas of inquiry (with no product carrier suggestions). We will help direct all completed reports to your current advisor or, if requested, you may further retain the services of Stratford Financial Planning for free.

Please note that Stratford Financial Planning is a wholly-owned private practice based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, with no direct ties to any financial institution. All financial strategies and recommendations are made in lieu of the products they represent.