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We offer two main planning programs for you to choose from:

Comprehensive Personal, Family & Retirement Plan Package

For the 50-ish plus crowd who have or do not have a financial or retirement plan and would like to start proactively planning for the changes and events that arise in the years leading up to and in retirement. This package is also a great review for those who have already retired (with or without a plan) but like to address their future tax & estate planning and asset management needs.

This package features:

  • One free consultation
  • One two-hour intake session (more if necessary)
  • Follow-up meetings/phone calls to clarify information
  • A comprehensive and actionable personal financial plan
  • One session to discuss the plan in detail and to create an action plan for accountability
  • Three personalized 60-minute coaching sessions to support your plan’s successful implementation – includes behavioural finance techniques
  • Unlimited email and phone access for questions that arise over time
  • Meetings offered either in person or over the phone
  • Coaching sessions are to be completed within eight months following the delivery of the plan

The Early Starter – Save and Spend Package

For younger individuals and families who are typically between the ages of 25 to 40 who feel the pressure to make ends meet on a daily basis but would like to zero-in on their day-to-day income and expense management or cash flow.

We will empower you to:

  • Learn where you really are right now with your finances
  • Determine the money tracking system that will work for you
  • Learn new saving and spending habits
  • Prioritize debt repayments to pay back debt at the right pace
  • Start saving for future investments
  • Spend without guilt

Changing behaviours related to saving and spending money is extremely challenging. With all of the purchase temptations encountered in your daily routine, it is challenging to do anything without feeling like there is a hole in your wallet. Making the shift can take weeks or months: we will support you through your transition to a financially wise lifestyle every step of the way.

This package features:

  • A guide to help you pull together all of the necessary input information to craft your plan
  • One one-hour intake session to assess your personal styles and values, discuss the obstacles you perceive, and create goals
  • A personal plan complete with situation analyses, recommendations, and action plans
  • Two 30-minute conference calls over six weeks to check-in on your progress
  • Accountability worksheets to help you set new habits and stay on track
  • Free on-going email accessibility anytime
  • One final follow-up session after the six weeks to review your plan and make any necessary adjustments
  • Coaching sessions are to be completed within six months following the original intact session