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Business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs face unique financial planning issues every day.

Do you find yourself mingling personal and business financial affairs together?

We can provide the financial solutions and resources to help you make sense of it all.

Manage costs effectively

Running a successful company and implementing safeguards to ensure its continuity costs money, but to survive in today’s competitive economy owners must manage costs carefully. Making business and personal financial decisions that are tax-effective can help free-up funds to support growth or other business objectives.

Attract the best employees and reduce employee turnover

You know the importance of getting and keeping good people – the growth of your business depends on it. These days, steady work and reasonable wages just aren’t enough. With limited resources, attracting and retaining talented employees can be a challenge for any small business.

Get great rates on savings and loans

Maximizing every dollar is important for the cost-conscious business owner.

Explore tax-effective strategies

Most small business transactions have tax consequences from employee compensation to business succession planning and asset protection. Understanding and addressing tax implications can make a difference to the success of a business and the personal finances of its owners.

Protect the business

Most small businesses have at least one person who is essential to the success of the operation and their loss or injury could have a disastrous effect on the business’ ability to survive. Not only is their talent lost, but lenders may need to cut back credit or press for payment, debtors may delay making payments, customers may lose confidence and competitors may take advantage of the situation.

Protect assets from creditors

Review your creditor protection strategy regularly. Creditor protection can help business owners protect personal assets against creditor claims.

Protect self and loved ones

No one plans to die prematurely. However, if it does happen, dependants could have to deal with not only the loss of a loved one but also the loss of that person’s income and the stress of settling their estate. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help ensure your loved ones receive their inheritance quickly, cost-effectively, confidentially and with a minimum of strife.

Similarly, no one plans on becoming critically ill or disabled, but if it does happen to a business owner, the financial impact on their savings and lifestyle could be disastrous. For the self-employed or new business owner, the lack of an employee health and dental plan can leave them exposed to unplanned expenses. Living benefits products can help mitigate these risks.

Grow personal wealth

With an effective strategy, you’ll spend less time dealing with personal investments and more time on the business.

Save for retirement

Developing a retirement plan can help ensure you don’t rely too heavily on the sale of your business to fund your retirement.

Design a succession plan

It’s never too soon to develop strategies for transferring ownership of the business for when the time comes.

Create an estate plan

Finding the time to plan a legacy and ensure a smooth transfer of assets can be a challenge. Prepare today.