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Are you ready to start formulating an asset allocation strategy that will reduce unnecessary risk and offer the potential rates of return you need to achieve your financial goals?

At Stratford Financial Planning, we develop, analyze and review your investment needs by accessing four main categories: Risk and Return, Asset Allocation, Understanding Investment Products, and Measuring and Evaluating Performance.

Risk and Return

Investment objectives can be broken down into four types of return:

  • Capital Growth
  • Income Generation
  • Capital Preservation
  • Inflation Protection

Assessing a portfolio’s risk and your tolerance to its risk is a fundamental step in preparing a proper wealth management portfolio. As such, we will help you to articulate your risk tolerance in a way that best represents your objectives while making an account for your personal constraints and needs for liquidity, time frame and your family situation.

Asset Allocation

Considering your personal needs, objectives and personal constraints are a vital part of our investment management process. Probably the most important part of your investment plan is the asset allocation.

At Stratford Financial Planning we take into account all of the following assets when we review and analyze a client’s assets:

  • Cash and equivalents
  • Bonds, mortgage assets and preferred shares
  • Foreign currency bonds
  • Canadian equities
  • International equities
  • Real estate, the family business, and etc.

The art of asset allocation is developing a strategic, dynamic and tactical asset management program that involves choosing a target mix of assets from amongst the various options, re-balancing the actual allocation to return the portfolio back to its target mix and evolving the portfolio over time to account for periodic developments within the various markets places.

Understanding Investment Products

Our goal is to educate and empower you with strategic wealth management techniques, risk reduction strategies and insightful behavioural tips proven to increase your success.

Understanding the investment products you own is part of that. We will help you better understand the benefits and limitations that professionally managed investments have and when it comes to investing and saving why knowledge is your biggest asset.

Measuring and Evaluating Performance

Once the review and analysis stage is complete and you are familiar with the available options to you, only one final decision regarding asset allocation remains: performance.

This decision will be based mostly on past returns and the risk level of available products. At Stratford Financial Planning, we will help you compare these results against the related benchmarks and determine whether or not the portfolio is producing to your satisfaction in terms of five- to ten-year results.

Consistent performance year-in and year-out is an important aspect of your financial plan and should not be taken lightly.